Akwaaba and welcome to a grand Adventure in warm & welcoming Ghana!


The best adventures here always start & end in a tro-tro, a brightly painted van found everywhere along Ghana’s dusty roads. Your Adventures are endless and could take you from the baobab tree-studded plains in the north to the palm-lined beaches of the southern coast.

Ghana is all about diversity. With its welcoming beaches, beautiful scenery, rich culture, vibrant cities, diverse wildlife and genuinely friendly people Ghana offers travellers a bit-sized version of Africa. Sometimes labeled ‘Africa for beginners’, Ghana is an obvious first port of call for first time travelers to the continent and the perfect place to begin your first great African Adventure!

Volunteer Adventure

Travellers looking to make their mark on the world have plenty of reasons to do so in Ghana. The country is on the verge of becoming a stable nation but still lack the resources needed to care for the growing number of people living below the poverty line. Volunteers can choose to work with Ghana’s underprivileged youth or enhance their career prospects with a medical or journalism internship. These adventures open your eyes as well as your heart, to the warmth, colour & energy that make Ghana the golden child of West Africa.

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