Ghana | Youth Care & Street Children

4 Week Volunteer Adventure | From $1495 USD


Volunteer your heart & hands as you assist local organizations in their fight to improve the conditions of Ghana’s most disadvantaged children. 


Through providing education, love, care and attention to orphaned or underprivileged children in Ghana, the youth care project aims to address the problems that children left without parents face. Volunteers on this project are placed in both rural and urban communities, where they teach and provide care and affection to at-risk children. Volunteers are responsible for designing and implementing effective teaching programs, activities and events to inspire and develop the talent and abilities of the children.


Volunteering with these children is challenging, sometimes frustrating work and at the end of the day you are often left exhausted.  But the difference you make in their lives is immeasurable.

The Project

Although a nation rich in natural resources and ancient traditions Ghana has an ever-growing disparity between rich and poor. This has resulted in a significant portion of the population living well below the poverty line. Things are significantly worse for children, whose poor health and sanitation have contributed to child homelessness, low life expectancy and high infant mortality rates.


The number of orphans & children living on the street has become a massive problem for the country’s rudimentary social welfare services. Whilst children centres do exist, staff often struggle with the inadequate resources available to feed, clothe and educate the children in their care. Physical abuse, child labor & neglect are among several reasons for the abundance of street youths in Ghana. Many of these children survive only through criminal activities, a deadly cycle which often leads them to substance abuse at a young age.


MyGapYear collaborates with an organization on the ground in Ghana to provide support, care and life-skills to children in dire need of help.  As a Volunteer working with street children in Ghana, you are directly involved in raising the quality of life by means of teaching, organising games, promoting personal hygiene and being a constant source of positivity & love.


Role of the Volunteer

  • Teaching English and other subjects such as math’s, science & health
  • Organizing entertaining and artistic activities that augment learning in a fun manner (e.g. games, dancing, sports, art, music etc.)
  • Teaching children invaluable life skills such as gardening, cooking, painting, building & sewing
  • Helping the children prepare meals and serving them at the right time
  • Promoting personal hygiene
  • Assisting local authorities with daily tasks such as fundraising.
  • Helping with the construction and building works.

Need to Know

Age & Required Experience

  • At least 18 years of age
  • No formal qualifications or previous teaching experience needed. All we require from our Adventurers is some enthusiasm, a big heart and a dash of patience in order to make this Adventure truly worthwhile.


Minimum Length

Due to the nature of this project a minimum commitment of 4 weeks is required. However, we can tailor all our programs to suit your ideal adventure. If you wish to volunteer for longer than 4 weeks please contact us & we will put together a package to suit your desired length of stay.



All accommodation with a Ghana homestay family is included. Rooms are private and have all the basic furnishings you could expect, including running water, electricity & clean bathrooms. Our homestay families have been specially chosen by our Project Ghana Partners & have hosted many volunteers over the course of several years. Our homestay families form some of the most memorable parts of Volunteer Adventures & provide amazing insight into traditional Ghana life, as well as creating friendships that last a lifetime.



Three meals a day are provided by the home-stay families & consist mainly of traditional Ghanaian meals with some flexibility for home comforts when available. If you have special eating needs, you can indicate that while applying. Even though special eating needs are not something we can guarantee, we will do our best to meet your needs.


Free Time

During weekends Volunteers have the opportunity to visit all that Ghana has to offer. Weekend trips available include visits to Mole National Park in the Northern Region of Ghana. This National Park offers a great Safari-like experience and is one of the biggest Elephant Sanctuaries in Africa with the chance to spot Lions, Leopards & Antelopes in their natural habitat. 
Volunteers can also take a trip to Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana to relax in the beautiful beaches and see the famous Cape Coast castle, the Kakum Canopy walkway and Elmina castle, where slave trade begun.


Orientation & Support

MyGapYear offers unlimited support prior to departure. Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive your MGY Handbook, which includes comprehensive information on Ghanaian customs, culture, what to wear, traditional Ghanaian meals and important words in the Nepali language.


You will have 24/7 in country support on the ground in Ghana. An orientation session will be conducted on arrival, in addition to a meeting with representatives from the hospital or clinic to determine how to best utilise your skills and experience during the internship. There will always be an English-speaking staff member available at the hospital or clinic to direct and assist you with anything you may need and help you get settled into your role.


Child Protection

MyGapYear follows the principles and guidelines of ‘ChildSafe International’ in protecting children from all forms of abuse and preventing child exploitation and trafficking.  As part of our mission to empower and protect youth; we require all volunteers who are 18 years of age or over and who plan to work with children; provide a Criminal History printout.  This printout is available from your local Police Station and may take up to 4 weeks.
MyGapYear has partnerships with other like-minded organisations across the globe. This particular Adventure is operated in partnership with OGVO. We guarantee that all of our partners offer the best value, exciting & safe Adventures you have come to expect from MyGapYear. For more information on who our partners are and how we handle your trip please contact us at

About Accra

Accra, on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea, is one part big-city hectic and another part African laid-back. The city is an example of true African spirit, young, wild & full of soul. During the day, the streets are full of market stalls and vendors where you can browse and buy mouthwatering foods, colourful Kente cloth, beads, or baskets. Don’t forget to practice your haggling. During the night the city comes alive with the traditional Ghanaian ‘spot’ bars and the sound of live drumming music in the warm night air. It also has some great beaches!


ASSIST a local organizations in their effort to provide aid to children from poor families.

FILL your days with games, singing, dancing & teaching English as you change the lives of these children forever.

EXPLORE Ghana by tro-tro – brightly coloured local vans – and exotic sites off the beaten path.

FREE time to spot rare wildlife while on safari in Ghana’s most impressive national park.

Adventure Details

LENGTH: 4+ Weeks

START DATES: Select dates apply

PRICE: $1495 USD

MEALS: Some included

FLIGHTS: Not included


All accommodation (home stay)

3 meals a day at home stay

Induction tour & transfer to placement

Airport meet & greet

24/7 in-country support

Unlimited pre-departure support

Pre-departure pack

MyGapYear placement t-shirt

Legitimate, sustainable & safe placement in Accra, Ghana

Not Included


Visa requirements


Travel insurance

Spending money

Meals unless otherwise indicated

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