Our story

MyGapYear started with a dash of Adventurous spirit & a dream to make a difference.


We began as a charity started by our founder & chief dreamer Debra Daniels. Deb was a Lawyer turned philanthropist and a single mum who always believed that a single person could change the world. After a trip to Cambodia in 2011 she instantly fell in love with the beautiful people, culture and landscape of this captivating country. Her journey left her with a profound urge to find a way to partner people’s love of travel with the opportunity to give back to the communities they visit. Little did she know Deb was at the forefront of a global movement towards sustainable tourism.


Together our travelers & volunteers have made lasting changes to hundreds of children & families in communities across the planet. In fact, MyGapYear has become such a driving force for positive change that we have been able to expand our operations to other countries. What started as one or two single projects in Cambodia has now grown to become a unique driving monster for change among travelers. We now have Adventures available across the globe that cover many important issues found in developing nations, such as: orphans, housing, education, community work & animal conservation. We have recently had the great pleasure of creating some new sustainable projects that will allow us to make positive changes similar to what we originally achieved in Cambodia.


Since this journey began Deb’s life, and the lives of many others have changed forever significantly. MyGapYear has grown in to something bigger than any of us could of dreamed. Although we have expanded our offerings our intentions remain the same, to create some of the most unique, off the beaten path & sustainable travel experiences available anywhere in the world.