Fundraising Made Easy

Fundraising is about bringing together your community to make an investment, financially or otherwise, in your specific idea, goal or project to positively shape the world.

When making donations, people are investing in two things: the person and the project. When fundraising, your mission is to convince potential donors of the power of your purpose
and the depth of your interest in it.

At MyGapYear, we do our best and pride ourselves on offering affordable and good valued Adventurers, however we do realize that the total cost to volunteer overseas can amount to some expense but we can guarantee that your experience will be priceless. In saying that, we acknowledge that Volunteers may need to fundraise to help obtain funds to finance their trips, so our fundraising expert has put together a few ideas & tips to help you along your fundraising journey.


Online Crowd-fundraising

Creating a fundraising page is a good start to anyone’s fundraising journey. You can keep track of your progress as well as encouraging others to help you inch closer and closer to that goal. Remember to have a realistic target as you can always up the goal amount in the future.
Our previous volunteers have used websites like GoFundMe and Chuffed with much success.


Host an Event

Hosting an event means you have the right environment to project your passion for the cause you are fundraising. Event hosting helps bridge a connection between your cause and potential donators.


Challenge Yourself

This is a great fundraising option for those fitness fanatics out there. You can set yourself a physical challenge and have people sponsor you to complete it in support of your fundraising cause. All you have to do is register and off you go.


Get Out Into The Community

There are also ways you can raise funds by getting out and calling upon your local community. Such as; sausage sizzles, car wash’s, bake sales & garage sales.

These are all just a few ideas of what you could to raise money. Don’t feel limited to only these options, let your imagination run wild and even come up with a new fresh idea. If you need any help, you can contact us at to give you advice or tips on how to make your fundraising journey smoother.


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