About TEFL

Get Paid to Travel with a TEFL Certificate


Why do a TEFL Course?

Imagine getting paid to travel! TEFL is all about exploring the world while learning new skills and contributing to a meaningful career. It’s also a great way to fund your travels. You’ll earn as you go, so you won’t have to worry about running out of money or living on a shoestring budget! A TEFL qualification opens doorways to a life abroad you could once only dream of.

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Why we don’t do online courses:

These days getting your generic, run-of-the-mill online TEFL Certificate is not enough. Many employers now require a minimum 20 hours of in-class training. Besides, how can you be expect to teach English as a foreign language if you have never even stepped foot inside a classroom?


Our 120-hour in-class TEFL courses are designed to provide students with practical working knowledge of the fundamental TEFL concepts needed to teach abroad. Plus, our graduates get real-world experience teaching at local schools in Thailand during their course.


As a result, our graduates are among the cream of the crop and have a significant advantage over most other first-time TEFL teachers. This is why we are able to guarantee job placements for our graduates all across Thailand. You can’t beat that!


Is there a demand for TEFL Teachers?

The demand for English teachers is HUGE! As the English language continues to take over the world, the demand for native English speakers to work as English teachers grows, particularly in Asia. There is no shortage of available jobs; it’s just about finding the right one that fits you best in terms of salary, location & facilities. Check our TEFL Job Board for a list of available teaching vacancies.

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It’s a professional qualification that equips you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach across the world. There is a huge demand for English teachers worldwide, and with a TEFL certificate under your belt you’ll be all set to pack your bags and travel the world!


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