Volunteer With MyGapYear

Volunteering abroad can be a wonderful and life changing Adventure that allows everyday people to make a difference to vitally important environmental, social & community projects in a safe, responsible and supportive way.


Similar to many projects around the world, our initiatives rely heavily on the work of volunteers to be able to make a real difference. You should take great pride in your decision to volunteer abroad; as without the help of volunteers many of these projects would not have the opportunity to continue.


Who are Volunteer Adventures for?

Our Volunteer Adventures do not require any specific skills, age, sex or religious beliefs. In fact, our Volunteer Adventures are for just about anyone. All that’s required is a warm heart, positive attitude & a commitment to make a real difference.


What is my role as a volunteer?

Your role varies depending on your placement. But in a nutshell your role is to make a difference, to be an ambassador of MyGapYear & your home country, to create smiles, educate others and to embrace the culture.

Can one volunteer really make a difference?

Absolutely! Each of our Volunteer Adventures has been chosen specifically based on their level of need. The people you meet, the animals you encounter & the environments you experience are in dire need of both funding & hands-on physical work in order to achieve their goals. Rest assured that the work you do will have a profound effect on the communities and environments they are aimed at benefiting!


Why Volunteer with MyGapYear?

Travelling independently can be a challenging & daunting experience for even the most seasoned travellers. With so much to plan, organise & remember it can be a stressful time before you even leave the house. How do you know if your volunteering really helps? Are you working for an important cause? Is your money going where it is needed most? MyGapYear takes all the guesswork out of volunteering abroad by planning & operating every aspect of your Adventure so that you can maximise your experience & be sure that the work you do directly contributes to an important cause.


Have a look at some of our adventures…

2+ Weeks | From $1395 USD

2+ Weeks | From $1295 USD

2+ Weeks | From $1295 USD

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