Child Protection Policy

Commit to Child Protection

The need to protect children is an issue that transcends international borders. Children across the world are subjected to exploitation, abuse and experience sexual, physical and psychological violation. Many are forced into exploitative work, including commercial sexual exploitation.


This exploitation and abuse traumatises children and adversely affects their development and well-being. It is a proven fact that children who are exploited and abused experience a greater likelihood of long-term consequences, including mental health issues, reduced educational outcomes, drug and alcohol abuse and increased likelihood of coming into contact with the law. At its core, child exploitation and abuse undermines a child’s right to grow up safely.

It is a shared and collective responsibility of all adults to prevent child exploitation and abuse. Unfortunately child sex offenders often seek employment or volunteer placements in organisations that work with children overseas. They might be attracted to working in developing countries to access vulnerable children and to avoid tougher laws.


MyGapYear has adopted a Child Protection Policy in recognition of its responsibilities as a Volunteer Organisation that works with children in different countries around the world. As such, our staff & Volunteers who work with children across any of our projects are required to sign & adhere to this Child Protection Policy as well as provide a copy of their Criminal History/Police Check prior to being involved with MyGapYear.

MyGapYear is proud to be amongst the few overseas Volunteer Organisations that have implemented their own Child Protection Policy. This policy sends a clear message that child exploitation and abuse is not tolerated and attracts disciplinary and commercial sanctions, as well as criminal penalties under domestic and extra-territorial laws.


You can find a copy of our Child Protection Policy here. All persons who plan to work with children across any of our projects are required to sign this policy.


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