I Fell In Love When Travelling

Volunteer Sara looks out onto Angkor Wat

I Fell In Love When Travelling

Expect the unexpected when you go travelling.

You never know what can happen when you decide to pack your bags, hop in a tin tube and have your destination be some 9 hours or so away from home. When I did it, I fell in love.

Love. It is a word we use to explain an emotion that encompasses so many different elements. The little warm feeling you get inside, the surge of energy running through your veins. It’s an amazing phenomenon and it was these sensations that make me realize I was falling head over heels in love for adventure.

I fell in love when travelling, I fell in love with adventure and now he’s waiting for me.

It was a bittersweet moment though, as being in love with adventure has its’ pros and cons. The best part is adventure is all around us, you don’t need to look very far to find it.

Thailand Beach Getaway

But as with every good love story, there’s a downside.

It can be a little painful when it’s time to go back to the place you call ‘home’, a place that now feels more unfamiliar than anywhere else. It comes with all the negative emotions of love. The longing, missing, craving for more and the yearning that it doesn’t end. Then when you finally arrive back home, no one seems to get it. No one else shares your passion, your stories don’t entertain the crowds and all you’re left with are the memories. You hold onto the memories tight, because they keep you smiling even when it’s over.

The thing is, despite all of the repercussions of your newfound love affair, you wouldn’t trade it for anything the world can offer. Even if no one understands and it is now just and your memories of adventure, you found your happy place in possibly one of the most unsuspecting places. Not many people get that.

I fell in love when travelling, I fell in love with adventure and now he’s waiting for me.

So I dare you, go travelling! But be ready, don’t just prepare your bags, prepare your heart because you may just fall in love too.

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