3 things you shouldn’t forget on your South-East Asia Adventure

3 things you shouldn’t forget on your South-East Asia Adventure

Travelling to a new destination is always exciting and the countdown to your trip is always a mix of pure joy and nervousness. If there is one element of the travelling experience, however, that can make any seasoned traveller roll their eyes back into their heads, it’s packing.

For some, packing can be done in an hour or so. They know exactly what they need and exactly how long it will take them to throw it together. Packing for these types of travellers is as easy as brushing their teeth, no muss no fuss. For other travellers packing is a whole day event. They pull out the lists, all the bags and all the ‘packing hacks’ they have to get through. Packing, for some, is a little stress inducing. But no need to fret if you fall into the latter group (this writer included), I’m here and ready to help!

If you’re embarking on a Southeast Asia adventure anytime soon these are the three items you don’t want to forget.

Long Pants

Yes we know, you’re heading to one of the most humid places on earth and we’re telling you to bring long pants. It sounds silly but there is merit to this suggestion. As you head off to Southeast Asia, you will find yourself presented with the opportunity to explore a plethora of ancient temples across multiple countries. However, as these temples hold religious significance proper dress attire is required. Long pants and a shirt to cover your shoulders is the expected dress code for temple visiting. So, to save you a panicked and frantic trip to the local market, throw in a pair of long pants.

Group Photo in front of Angkor Was

Your go-to backpack

I had an uncomfortable backpack during my trip in Southeast Asia and boy was that a mistake. A backpack seems like a no-brainer but when you’re wearing it all day, every day trust me when I say you’re going to want a reliable AND comfortable one. Before you jet off on your trip make sure you’ve got a comfortable day backpack, something with compartments and comfortable straps. It can also double up as your carry-on bag for the plane so WIN-WIN.

MGY Adventure Leader Walking to Temple
A power pack for your phone

Having a power pack for your phone will be your saviour when spending all day out and about. Some places in Southeast Asia are too beautiful not to capture from every single angle. With the power pack you won’t have to be frugal with your battery and wont be caught anywhere with a dead phone. Let no photo opportunity go un-captured! Rather than lugging around the cable and adaptor just bring the small power pack (they come pretty small these days) with you. It’s just another small item not to forget on your trip.

MGY Volunteer holding passports

Happy Travels!

MyGapYear Team

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