TTT | The Tuk Tuk Effect

TTT | The Tuk Tuk Effect

Picture this……… A chaperone driver, the wind in your hair, taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells, not a care in the world, ………… as you chuff along the roads surrounded by people, dogs, buffalo, buses, cows and motor bikes. Suddenly a light bulb appears (in your mind anyway) and you have this wonderful epiphany. Well that my friends is what is called the “TTT” Effect, or to the uninitiated “The Tuk Tuk” Effect.

What a great place to gather your thoughts and experience epiphanies

There is just something invigorating about being in a Tuk Tuk. Watching the driver manoeuvre the onslaught of whatever may lay ahead, chickens, people, sink holes etc. They conjure up all their strength to transport westerners around all day in a jalopy that was designed to carry 30 kilo Cambodians, not 70 plus kilos of westerners. Their shoulders are hunched from carrying the weight, their back is burning from the tuk tuk connection digging into their lower spine, they suffer extreme sunburn driving around in 40 degrees and nearly pass out from dehydration in the 100 % humidity. Yet when you arrive at your destination they jump off with a smile as big as a crocodile (probably hoping for a tip the same size) and offer you their last cold drink as you sit under the shade of the Tuk Tuk.

I have had many epiphanies whilst sitting in the back of a tuk tuk. Sometimes it’s a smooth ride, sometimes it’s that bumpy you wish you had gone to Lorna Jane and purchased a workout bra. But irrespective of the ride the result is the same….what a great place to gather your thoughts and experience epiphanies, i.e. ………..that leap of understanding.

– Deb


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