Whew! What a Year!

Whew! What a Year!

Here its is 2015 already and I am still trying to come to terms with all that happened in 2014. I never expected to accomplish so much in 1 year but of all the experiences that occurred I never in my wildest dreams expected to meet such wonderful, caring and inspiring individuals, who, like me, want to make a difference in this world.

Thanks to our volunteers and those people that supported them to make their trip to Cambodia a reality we have built numerous homes for families, kept families together, provided water-wells, clothing, education, small businesses for village families plus more. In addition we also inspired others to start bringing volunteer groups to Cambodia for their own projects and that is a HUGE achievement.

1 week into January 2015 and funds are already rolling in for our Outreach Centre and vehicle that will enable us to deliver goods and services. 3 months ago if you had told me that this was going to occur I would never had believed you.

Martin Luther King has always been an inspiration for me. His famous quote “I have a Dream…is my favourite mantra. However my mantra now is “Dreams Do Come True”.

So to all our volunteers and those people behind the scenes we at MyGapYear say

“Thank you so much”….Arwkun Jaan.

2015 Bring it on.

Deb Daniels

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